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Paula has fallen in love with competition obedience and loves teaching her competition students. Paula has 20+ obedience titles on her bluetick coonhounds, many breed firsts, as well as 10+ High In Trials and over 20 High Combineds. Jeb completed his OTCH (a first for Idaho and coonhounds) and competed successfully at the Nationals two years in a row. He won the Hound Group both years and earned his way to the 2nd day of competition as well with a 3rd Runner-up placement in Dec 2006!! Paula's Bluetick Suzie completed her OTCH as well!!!

Paula's Students have earned CDs, CDXs, UD, UDX and HITs!!

See Brags link for more title info!

2019 and 2020:

Paula and Ky earned their BN and two CD legs with all 1st and 2nd places, scores from 194-199.

Ky earned his Bh!

Lee and Lucy earned their CDX and Grad Open titles!

Paul and Memphis earned their UD (4 tries, Oct 2020)!

Karla and Teja earned their Beginner Novice and CD!

Karla and Avi earned 8 UDX legs and their first OTCh points!

Darrell and Bra'tac earned their Beginner Novice title!

Brittany and Teal'c earned their first Utility A leg!

2017 and 2018:

Paula and Ziva earned their UD and UDX and OTCH points!

Ziva earned her IPO2!

Lee and Lucy are working on their CDX

Melissa and K'Tara are working on their UD and have earnd their Bh, UCDX, URO1 and CDX

The Leber's and Teal'c are working on their CD and ready for their CDX as soon as they get the last leg

Karla and Avi earned their IPO1 and IPO2, CDX

Several new competitors are preping or their Beginner Novice



Paula and Ziva earned their IPO1, AKC UD, UKC CD, CDX with HITs and HC awards! Ziva also earned her URO1, URO2 and URO3 Rally titles in UKC

Paula's students earned 3 CDs, 3 BNs and a GN! All by young dogs and two Novice A handler/dog combos!


2013 and 2014:

Paula and Ziva earn their BN, CD and CDX with placements!

October 2014 Paula's student Karla and her GSD, Timber earned their UD!


Aussie - CD, all placements, HIT!


Lab - CDX, all placements!

Lab - CDX;

Aussie, Border Collie and Giant Schnauzer - CD,

All three earning placements!

Aussie - High In Trial (HIT)!


Lab - UD in 5 trials, scores in the 190's, 1st place each time!

Aussie - CDX in 3 tries, scores in the mid-190's - all 1st places (18 mo old dog!)

Giant Schnauzer and Border Collie - CDX (also nice scores and placements)

Bluetick - UDX2, UDX3, OM1, High Combineds (Paula's Suzie)


Weim, Lab Mix - CD (Novice A)

Weim - CDX (Novice A)

Bluetick - OTCH, OM2, High Combineds, High In Trials (Paula's Suzie)


Aussie - UD

Lab - CD, UDX (Nov A - nice scores and placements!)

Lab mix - CDX (Novice A Dog)

German Shepherd - BN, CD (Paula's Ziva)

Paula is not limited to one training method - she is able to adjust to what's best for you and your dog.

Tiffany and Jaxon - High In Trial

Boise, Oct 12, 2007


Competition Obedience Lessons (AKC/UKC/ASCA/IPO)

30-45min: $50

For serious students, purchase lessons up front for a discount. Six lessons $275

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