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:: JEB's 9th BIRTHDAY::

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To see videos of Jeb:


Jeb starts his birthday hanging out on our bed with Suzie.

Jeb checks out the action in the kitchen... maybe we'll not be looking so he can sneak into the garbage.....


I was not going to get in the trash, honest!

Are you getting me something out of the fridge?

I know I just said I wanted to go out, but now I want to come back in. I hear the sofa calling my name.

Zzzzzz...... there's nothing like a mid-morning birthday nap.

I'm trying to sleep....

Suzie says: "I know it's Jeb's birthday, but aren't I cute?"

Party Time! Birthday boy Jeb and a few of his friends.


Why do I have to wear this birthday hat? It looks like a dunce hat....just what are you saying?

Is that an oatmeal cookie? I love those!!


Jeb and his loot with Suzie nearby in hopes she can be part of the action.

Rats! Now it's obvious I snuck and put my nose in the bag. Somebody fix my hat please!


Hey Jeb! What's in the bags? (Suzie thinks this is bogus..Jeb is supposed to share with her first!)

Play time after the party! Yeeeehhaaaww!


More play...

Rodi enjoys play time.


Suzie trying to "work" Danielle for a cookie. She and Jeb both tried their charm on just about anyone eating cookies.




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